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Ipe Decking and Furniture

Ipe is world renowned as the premium natural material for decking. It is hard, dense, and resistant to the ravages of the elements such as rot, UV degradation and insect pests. Ipe Decking installations by OHC have withstood hurricane force winds.

Ipe is also one of the most beautiful natural materials available. Its fine grain and rich color enhances any design. Ipe is a hardwood tree of the genus Tabebuia. Some common ways this hardwood is referenced when misspelled is epay , epi, ipea, epee, or eepay. It is actually pronounced "ee-pay".We purchase our Ipe from South America, encouraging responsible, sustainable and renewable forestry practices.

OHC has been importing high performance lumber products for over 42 years and has a well-earned reputation for excellent customer service. OHC sources only through reputable firms which must adhere to local, state and federal regulations as it relates to sustainable forest management set forth by International Tropical Timber Organization to meet OHC approved supplier status. In addition to on site training and auditing of our suppliers, we have OHC certified inspectors in country as well as employ certified third party inspection agencies to verify quality and grade of our lumber procurements. 


We maintain a large inventory in the continental U.S. so that orders will be fulfilled promptly. Our experience, customer service, quality assurance and large inventory means you can be confident when you order Ipe products from OHC.

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