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Everlasting Hardwoods :: Ipe Decking :: Railing Systems :: 1" x 3-1/2" Ipe Top Spindle Cap

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1" x 3-1/2" Ipe Top Spindle Cap

Net: 1" x 3-1/2"

  • Standard top spindle cap designed so spindles will fit in hollow back and scewed through top of rail cap dsecuring spindle
  • Provides strength to your railing system
  • Available in two lengths:
10' for $33.50
14' for $46.90

Price: $33.50

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Everlasting Hardwoods features piece-by-piece railing system solutions that are customizable to fit any space or design requirement. Our 1 x 3-1/2 Ipe Top Spindle Cap is designed to fit in hollow back railing and is secured in place with a top screw. This top spindle cap is provides strength and aesthetic quality to any railing system. Everlasting Hardwoods uses only top quality woods and we feel ipe is perfect for outdoor railing. The ipe we use for our railing is the same that we use for our high-quality chairs, tables, and flooring.

Ipe, also known as Brazilian Walnut, is both durable and pleasing to the eyes. Ipe, a neotropical tree common in Brazil grows from 16 to 160 feet in height and is not only used for timber but as an ornamental tree as well. Ipe has only recently gained widespread popularity and in 2007 it became readily available and certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. Ipe has a fine grain and is smooth to the touch, which makes it perfect for railing systems and especially for top spindle caps. Our selections of ipe are hand-picked and free from imperfections. The best part of our ipe railings is that they never need chemical preservatives to maintain their strength and finish. A penetrating oil is recommended to help with color but many prefer to go without the oil as it provides a natural weathered look with a slightly gray patina. Whichever maintenance method you choose, we guarantee you will be satisfied with your choice of Everlasting Hardwoods ipe.

For the medium sized deck, with spans that permit lightweight construction the x 3-1/2 IPE top spindle cap will likely fit your needs. Or perhaps you are merely seeking to avoid the big and bold look. This too can be why the x 3-1/2 IPE Top Spindle Cap may be your right choice. Though it is thin line, and medium priced, this top spindle cap retains the strength and resilience that makes IPE a preferred construction material. Take a close up look. The x 3-1/2 IPE top spindle cap is:

Designed with a hollow back for an easy spindle fit that permits secure spindle attachment by screwing through the top of the rail cap.
Thinner that what a more bold assembly might require, thus making it an excellent choice for lighter weight applications.
Is reasonably priced, coming in 8-16 sections at on $2.45 per linear foot.

For beauty, quality, and that perfect balance, order now.