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Everlasting Hardwoods :: Ipe Decking :: Structural Components :: 2 x 12 Ipe Decking Joist

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2 x 12 Ipe Decking Joist

Net: 1-1/2" x 11-1/4"

Starting at $11.37 per LF

  • Heavy duty contruction for joist and beams
  • Goes extremely well on pergolas, gazebos and other stuctures

Price: $90.94

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High quality decking joists makes the experience of lounging outdoors with friends and family all the more enjoyable. Ipe decking joists is an important factor of exceptional decking, gazebos, and pergolas. Successful projects rely on two key aspects of the wood - durability and a quality appearance. Ipe delivers on both of these counts with ease, providing an outdoor structure both luxurious in appearance and practical in use. Structures in need of more durable materials can count on the high strength which this South American wood provides.

Ipe hardwoods have an excellent reputation for being a premium construction material. This is due both to their alluring natural beauty and their physical durability. Ipe decking materials provide all the qualities you need when heavy duty joists and beams are called for. This particular kind of wood is especially useful for outdoor applications because it is naturally resistant to common natural hazards like rot and ultraviolet degradation. Well constructed structures using Ipe decking joists have even been known to withstand hurricane force winds. Add exceptional performance to an unforgettable richness in color and fine grains and you arrive at this incredible decking material.

Because of these factors, Ipe decking joists are the perfect choice for outdoor construction jobs which need to be sturdy and beautiful. Intricate designer decking often requires the unique combination of beauty and practicality which only Ipe offers. Gazebos and pergolas also fare exceptional well with Ipe hardwoods. These structures are defining aspects of any area where they are erected, and therefore deserve the utmost in quality.

If you're looking for the very best in attractive heavy duty construction materials, your solution is found in Ipe decking joists. From their incredible natural beauty to their physical prowess and durability, this premium wood provides the very best for outdoor applications.