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4 x 4 Ipe Decking Post
4 x 4 Ipe Decking Post
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6 x 6 Ipe Decking Post
2 x 6 Ipe Decking Board
2 x 6 Ipe Decking Board

Everlasting Hardwoods :: Ipe Decking :: Structural Components :: 2 x 4 Ipe Decking Board

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2 x 4 Ipe Decking Board

Net: 1-1/2" x 3-1/2"

Starting at $4.01 per LF

  • Used for structural framing of decks
  • Can be used as top surface decking and/or in combination with 2 x 6
  • 8'-11' = $4.64/LF | 12'-15' = $5.03/LF | 16'-20' = $5.49/LF

Price: $42.16

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Ask Us

Ipe 2 x 4 decking board is most often used as a structural element in decks, porches, pergolas, or other outdoor wooden structures. Structural elements are components such as joists that give support and strength to the construction. Occasionally, the 2 x 4 size is used for top surface decking when extra strength or load bearing is needed. Ipe's fine grain and lack of knotholes means that every inch of the wood is capable of providing strength to a project.

Although the lumber industry refers to this sized cut of wood as a 2 x 4, the actual measurements are 1 inches thick by 3 inches wide. Everlasting Hardwoods sells it in board lengths from 8 to 20 feet, available in whole-foot measures. The longer lengths cost slightly more per linear foot, but allow long seamless runs.

After construction is complete, despite the progression of time and fluctuations in humidity, the high density of ipe greatly reduces any potential for warping. The 2 x 4 is sometimes used in conjunction with the 2 x 6, either to meet structural specifications, or simply as a design element showcasing varied widths.

Ipe is a South American hardwood that can be grown as a sustainable forestry crop. It resists rot, insects, and holds up better under UV sunlight than most other woods. One surprising advantage to choosing ipe is that it is also fire resistant.

Ipe 2 x 4s have lower maintenance needs than nearly any other woods on the market. Left to weather naturally, they still retain structural integrity. They can also be treated with penetrating oil, which brings out the lovely russet tones inherent in this hardwood and keeps it looking fresh.