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15/16" x 5" Ipe Porch Tounge and Groove Decking Board
15/16" x 5" Ipe Porch Tounge and Groove Decking Board
11/16" x 3" Ipe Porch Decking Board
11/16" x 3" Ipe Porch Decking Board
11/16" x 5" Ipe Porch Decking Board
11/16" x 5" Ipe Porch Decking Board

Everlasting Hardwoods :: Ipe Decking :: Ipe Porch Decking :: 15/16" x 3" Ipe Porch Decking Board

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15/16" x 3" Ipe Porch Decking Board

Net: 15/16" x 3"

Starting at $2.92 per LF

  • For use in covered areas only
  • Standard porch decking with supperior strength
  • 3" narrow face gives a strip flooring affect
  • 8'-11' = $2.92/LF 12'-15' = $3.55/LF  16' and longer special order

Price: $29.68

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Have you been thinking about creating a unique, attractive porch space where you and your family can relax after a long day? If so, 15/16" x 3" Ipe porch decking boards might be the ideal solution. These boards create a porch surface that is much more attractive than a standard concrete porch, but offers the same strength and stability.

It is important to keep in mind that these Ipe decking boards are designed only for use with covered porches. They should not be used with any open design in which the boards will be repeatedly exposed to the elements. Pairing these boards with a covered design will help ensure that your porch will remain maintenance-free and in good condition for many years to come.

These decking boards represent standard porch decking, but they offer superior strength. You will not have to worry about warping, bowing or cracking, because these boards are designed to provide better stability than ordinary porch decking boards. They can easily support heavy porch furniture, statuary, large potted plants, or any other design elements you wish to incorporate.

The 15/16" x 3" Ipe porch decking boards are designed with a 3" narrow face to allow you to create a narrow strip effect. This will give your porch a classic, elegant look that you can be proud of. The narrow strip design is quite versatile, and can be used in a wide variety of designs. Whether you want a traditional design with strips perpendicular to the front of your house, or you want a more creative design with diagonal patterns, these decking boards will allow you to achieve exactly the effect you are looking for.

These Ipe porch decking boards are available in lengths ranging from 8' to 11' at $2.92 per lineal foot and 12'-15' at $3.55 per lineal foot.