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4 x 4 Ipe Decking Post
4 x 4 Ipe Decking Post
6 x 6 Ipe Decking Post
6 x 6 Ipe Decking Post
2 x 6 Ipe Decking Board
2 x 6 Ipe Decking Board

Everlasting Hardwoods :: Ipe Decking :: Structural Components :: 4 x 4 Ipe Decking Post

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4 x 4 Ipe Decking Post

Net: 3-1/2" x 3-1/2"

Starting at $10.60 per LF

  • Deck, fence and pergola posts
  • Extensively used on bridges and support structure for decks
  • 8'-11' = $10.60/LF | 12'-15' = $11.48/LF | 16'-20' = $12.53/LF

Price: $79.04

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Ipe 4" x 4" decking posts combine an uncommon degree of strength and durability that is matched only by exceptional beauty. Ipe is a heavy, dense hardwood. Choose 4" by 4" Ipe decking posts for solid structural support for pergolas, decks and bridges. Ipe posts offer long term resistance to rot, insect infestation and uv light degradation making them superior to other common post products, including cedar and pressure treated lumber.

Homeowners and builders who want structural support that will last many years turn to Ipe 4" x 4" posts. They choose Ipe posts to avoid the expense and difficulties associated with replacing posts of lesser quality that have failed. Putting in the right posts from the outset saves money and time over the life of the pergola, bridge or deck.

Everlasting Hardwoods' reasonable price structure allows customers to focus on function and style when choosing posts. At $11.23 per linear foot for 8' to 11' sections, 4" x 4" Ipe posts are cost effective. 16' to 20' lengths are $13.27 per linear foot and lengths between 12' and 15' are only $12.16 per linear foot, providing several viable options for each project.

4" x 4" Ipe decking posts provide uncompromising structural support while giving designers a significant amount of flexibility. Designers can incorporate 4" x 4" posts prominently within a structure without sacrificing any visual appeal. Symmetrical posts, the yield on 4" x 4" posts yield is 3 1/2" x 3 1/2", are great for pergolas and bridges because it is more likely that the posts are not out of proportion with the rest of the structure. Designers and builders are able to create safe, stable bridges and decks that can withstand pressure from pedestrian or light vehicle traffic with support posts that will not detract from the piece's overall beauty.