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5/4 x 6 Ipe Decking Board
5/4 x 6 Ipe Decking Board
1 x 6 Ipe Decking Board
1 x 6 Ipe Decking Board
1 x 4 Ipe Decking Board
1 x 4 Ipe Decking Board

Everlasting Hardwoods :: Ipe Decking :: Top Surface :: 5/4 x 12 Ipe Decking Board

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5/4 x 12 Ipe Decking Board

Net: 1" x 11-1/4"

Starting at $11.54 per LF

  • Used for trim around the perimeter of the decks
  • Perfect for treads as well as risers
  • 8'-11' = $11.54/LF | 12'-15' = $12.50/LF | 16'-20' = $13.64/LF

Price: $98.60

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Building a deck is a major investment. Thus, it pays to use the very best materials around. A deck is something that people of all ages and backgrounds can enjoy. The better the materials you use, the longer this feature will last. This is why Ipe is so very important. This hardwood is high end and sure to last a lifetime. When planning and building a deck, it pays to invest in Ipe decking board. This is used for the trim of the dock. The following are just some of the many reasons to invest in Poe decking board.

The best part about Ipe decking board is that it is weather resistant. This is important because the deck is something that is sure to see a lot of wear and tear. The decking board is durable and multi-faceted: It's something that is perfect for treads and risers. By investing in Ipe decking boards, you can be sure that your deck is one that is sure to last. Not only is the wood something that can deal with normal wear and tear, but it is resistant to such pests as insects. Thus, you can be sure to get your money's worth out of Ipe decking boards.

Ipe materials are on point because the fine-grain wood is as attractive as it is durable. This is something that is sure to turn heads, stand the test of time, and offer a unique look to a home or business. This is one investment that is sure to pay off.