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5/4 x 6 Ipe Decking Board
5/4 x 6 Ipe Decking Board
1 x 6 Ipe Decking Board
1 x 6 Ipe Decking Board
1 x 4 Ipe Decking Board
1 x 4 Ipe Decking Board

Everlasting Hardwoods :: Ipe Decking :: Top Surface :: 5/4 x 4 Ipe Decking Board

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5/4 x 4 Ipe Decking Board

Starting at $2.00 per LF

  • Surfaced four sides with corners eased
  • Gives a narrow board appearance, commonly found in the northeast
  • Used in combination with 5/4 x 6 to give a two width appearance
  • 1" thickness provides a stronger deck
  • 4'-7' = $2.00/LF | 8'-11' = $2.85/LF | 12'-15' = $3.43/LF | 16'-20' = $3.63/LF

Price: $16.63

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The 5/4" x 4" Ipe decking board is an attractive options for any deck. Ipe comes from a South American tree and has the ideal qualities for premium outdoor decking. It is very dense which means it rarely warps from weather exposure. Ipe is resistant to rot, insects, and UV degradation. It also has an extremely high resistance to fire. The wood's rich color is a beautiful accent for any home. The narrow profile of this board, commonly a northeastern style, can be use in conjunction with the 5/4" x 6" to create a varied, two width look. This board's 1" thickness provides strength and stability to the deck.

Everlasting Hardwoods, part of Overseas Hardwood Company, is an environmentally responsible company that provides exotic woods for home and commercial use. The OHC complies with international regulations for sustainable forestry. The Ipe trees are a sustainable resource if they are used responsibly. The majority of the lumber used for OHC decking comes from cultured plantings. Buyers can receive certification to show the origins of the lumber they purchase.

Ipe lumber has an extremely long life. The 25 year rating for durability means the initial cost outlay is minimal when averaged over the longevity of the product. Chemical preservative are not not necessary to maintain the Ipe wood. To preserve the rich natural color, a wood oil can be used to penetrate the wood to keep it from oxidizing. Otherwise, the wood will silver naturally with the weather. Lengths from 4' to 7' are $2.00 per linear foot (LF). Lengths from 8'' to 11' are $2.85/LF. Lengths from 12' to 15' are $3.43/LF. Lengths from 16' to 20' are $3.63/LF. A deck of Ipe wood will increase the value and visual appeal of any structure.