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5/4 x 6 Ipe Decking Board
5/4 x 6 Ipe Decking Board
1 x 6 Ipe Decking Board
1 x 6 Ipe Decking Board
1 x 4 Ipe Decking Board
1 x 4 Ipe Decking Board

Everlasting Hardwoods :: Ipe Decking :: Top Surface :: 5/4 x 8 Ipe Decking Board

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5/4 x 8 Ipe Decking Board

Net: 1" x 7-1/4"

Starting at $6.88 per LF

  • Surfaced four sides with corners eased
  • Used along the perimeter of the deck to provide a finished appearance
  • 8'-11' = $6.88/LF | 12'-15' = $7.45/LF | 16'-20' = $8.13/LF

Price: $43.93

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To give the deck a finished look that will draw the eye's attention to the perimeter's fine detail, use our 5/4 x 8 decking board. The 8" width provides a striking outline of fine Brazilian Walnut, while at 5/4", the decking is sturdy and secure. These boards are surfaced on all sides and are delivered with rounded edges and eased corners to make installation fast and easy.

These stunning Ipe deck boards provide the perfect border for your deck and are available in various lengths to fit your project. Ipe lumber withstands UV rays, weather, humidity and insects. The versatility of this particular cut would also allow it to serve as perimeter pieces in furniture projects, particularly tables, benches and chairs or in pergolas.

The 5/4 x 8 deck boards are sold by the linear foot, with lengths of 8 to 11 feet starting as low as $6.88 per linear foot. In lengths from 12 to 15 feet, the boards are available at $7.45 per linear foot. In lengths from 16 to 20 feet, the cost is $8.13 per linear foot.

When ordering, remember that the lumber is shipped with a wax emulsion on board ends, since moisture is absorbed or released through the ends rather than through the face or sides. If your project will require cutting on site, Ipe will require end sealing, so be sure to include sealant with your order.

Additionally, to maintain the lustre of the wood, a penetrating oil such as Penofin should be used occasionally. If your preference is to allow the Ipe to weather naturally, we offer a variety of wood treatment products designed specifically for heavy, dense hardwood. Consider including these products with your order to keep your deck or project looking it's best.