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About Us

Overseas Hardwoods Company was started in 1967 importing Hardwoods from Southeast Asia.  The company specialized in Apitong/Keruing for flatbed truck decking.  Lee Robinson, SR., the founder, had produced truck flooring at his previous company, Mobile River Sawmill using Red Oak, White Oak, Hickory, Pecan, Beech, and Ash.  As the value of these domestic woods increased during the Post War Era as they were used for higher end uses, Mr. Robinson saw the benefits of Apitong/Keruing as a suitable alternative to these traditional species in flatbed applications. In the early 2000’s, the company became know as OHC. 

In the beginning, the company specialized in importing and delivering truckload quantities of random length flooring to flatbed trailer OEMs.  By the late 1980’s OHC had grown into a complete Flooring Mill with Dry Kilns, Planer Mill and Cut-Up plant.  OHC had also expanded into other wooden components for the transportation industry in including laminated flooring for dry freight bodies, sills for refrigerated vans, tie slats, scuff and kick boards and stakes for stake bodies.  

With a lumber processing plant, OHC quickly diversified creating a subsidiary, Chickasabogue Lumber Company, to do custom kiln drying and processing for others. Strategically located near the Port of Mobile, Alabama, OHC’s processing plant became the ideal location for lumber entering the US from Central and South America. Given OHC’s expertise and processing domestic as well imported hardwoods, the custom business grew very quickly. OHC’s facility became the gateway for many South American lumber species to the US market. Over four decades, OHC has processed hundreds of millions of board feet. Some of the species and there uses are:

·         Apitong/Keruing – industrial applications, trailer flooring

·         Kapur – industrial applications

·         Purple Heart – heavy industrial applications, construction

·         Jelutong – pattern work, carvings, fishing lures

·         Meranti – custom millwork, furniture, decking, boats

·         Philippine Mahogany – furniture, water skis, billiards tables, millwork, boats

·         Merbau – flooring

·         Alan Batu – flooring and millwork

·         Virola/Banak – moldings, picture frames

·         Andirobia – furniture frame stock

·         Ipe – decking, industrial applications

·         Angelim Pedra – flooring, industrial applications

·         Genuine Tropical American Mahogany – furniture, architectural millwork

·         Jatoba – flooring, furniture

·         Teak – boats, furniture

·          Red Oak – moldings, architectural millwork, flooring, furniture

·         White Oak – moldings, architectural millwork, flooring, furniture

·         Poplar – light construction, moldings, water skis

·         Sap Gum – light construction, moldings

·         Ash – flooring, furniture, tooling

·         Hickory – flooring, tooling

·         Walnut – furniture, flooring

·         Cypress – furniture, siding, millwork

·         Southern Yellow Pine – flooring, decking, fencing, construction


As the business developed OHC made significant capital adjustments-for example after controlling all kiln drying/machining at its US facility for nearly two decades, the and much of the machining capacity was transferred to Southeast Asia and South America in the late 1980’s where manufacturing costs and freight costs would be minimized.  At the same time we invested in improved quality control in the producing countries setting up strategic relationships with third party inspection services and concentrating business with several major producers. In addition, OHC’s personnel developed training regiments in the developing countries as well as bringing inspector to the US to develop proper training and understanding of market requirements. In the late 80’s, OHC hosted the Malaysian Timber Industry Board on its trip to the US to review proper forest management practices during its quest to create fully Sustainable Forest Management.  

OHC’s material handling plant and equipment are designed to provide just in time service of all of its product lines to a wide variety customer base.  Currently OHC maintains less than 2weeks delivery time on custom orders and 24 hours service on stock items. 

Today OHC focuses on providing Supplier Managed Inventory Service while maintaining production capacity to meet the tailored needs of a dynamic manufacturer customer base.  With yearly commitments from program customers-sourcing, shipping, financing, inventory control and JIT servicing on products used throughout Utility Industry, Southern Yellow Pine Sawmill Industry, Residential and Commercial Decking Industry and Transportation Industries in US, Mexico and Canada have positioned OHC as the largest North American supplier of Apitong/Keruing products. OHC has increased is product line to include plywood liner and flooring and has become one of the larger North American suppliers of Ipe.