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Anchor Seal
Anchor Seal
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Anchor Seal
When lumber products are cut the board ends are exposed to allow

Price: $20.95

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The sealer of choice for nearly 30 years. ANCHORSEAL creates a wax barrier that protects against end checking and costly degrade in freshly sawn logs and lumber. Known in the forest products industry as the best quality and most stable wax emulsion end sealer available.
When applied immediately after sawing, ANCHORSEAL: Prevents up to 90% or more of end checking (drying splits) Reduces losses: Conserves resources and improves yield Can help reduce blue stain in logs
Similar in viscosity to latex paint, ANCHORSEAL is easily brushed or sprayed on (Spraying Equipment is also available from UC Coatings) One gallon covers approximately 100 square feet, or three bundles of lumber on both ends, depending upon application method.