What is NADRA?

If you answered the National Database and Registration Authority, you’re partially correct. That NADRA “is a federal department of the Government of Pakistan that is responsible for issuing identification cards to the citizens of Pakistan. According to the organization itself, NADRA also holds the record for maintaining the largest biometric citizen database in the world.” That’s what Wikipedia says. Hello Big Bro.

We’re not talking about that NADRA, though.

The North American Deck and Railing Association, Inc.

This NADRA came about in mid-2000 when folks began to wonder about standards in the burgeoning next generation of wood treatments and fasteners. This association was formed to handle those matters and more.

On some suppliers websites you’ll see this little button. It looks like this:

The group is composed of manufacturers, service providers, retailers, deck builders, wholesalers and dealers/distributors.

NADRA has a heavy people focus that “…helps the consumer by providing information on deck safety, design, and products through www.nadra.org by responding to consumer inquiries, and through public relations campaigns such as its Deck Safety Month Program and its Merit Award Program. These campaigns build on the consumer knowledge base, and promote the outdoor living lifestyle.”

NADRA is an organization that helps lawmakers and end-users come-up with realistic code standards for those of us who are either putting in decks or the people who do the work, whether from a materials or construction aspect. A focus likewise of the group is consumer safety, high-quality construction and the materials used.

They are not only wrapped-up in the safety and standards end, they are also an education-oriented group. As NADRA explains on its website: “NADRA believes that the best deck contractors are educated ones. It is in the midst of creating a full slate of courses for its members and for non-members attending the annual trade show, DeckExpo, as well as education to be provided at regional levels and online. Designation courses were first at DeckExpo 2007 in Las Vegas (Deck Restoration, and Project Management). DeckExpo 2011 in Chicago saw two different NADRA courses that include certification for the subject matter upon successful completion of a test. Simpson Strong-Tie is providing a course called Deck Framing Connections, while DeckTools Software offers “Design Software to Increase Sales and Efficiency.” In the works are courses that are aimed at building inspectors to educate them on how to properly inspect a deck.

What you need to know is when you see the NADRA button, you’re assured that you are getting materials and services from a company that subscribes to this organization that oversees what you get has a high standard of quality – as a customer, supplier and company who specializes in giving you the best when you extend your lifestyle into your backyard.

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