Decking and Exterior Painting: Compliments of Outdoor Furniture

One of the best ways to customize your patio decor is by taking the color and stain of your wooden deck furniture into your own hands. Instead of using wooden deck furniture as-is, you can upgrade basic wood furniture with a different stain or paint selection.

Match Wooden Deck Furniture to Your Exterior Paint

One popular option in repainting wooden deck furniture recommended by residential painters is the trend of matching deck furniture paint to a home’s exterior paint job. This is one smart way to tie a uniform color scheme together, providing balance between the color of your house and the color scheme used on your deck.

The DIY task of repainting wooden deck furniture is a simple project that you can finish in a weekend. The first step in the process is to lay down a plastic tarp outdoors to protect your deck as a top priority.

From there, it’s time to get the hard work out of the way and remove old paint from the furniture so that you have a clean, smooth surface to begin working with. After the furniture has been adequately prepped, the fun can begin by adding several coats of enamel paint in the color of your choice.

When painting outdoor furniture, latex paint is not recommended since it can be easily corrupted by moisture in an open-air environment. Enamel paint is preferred since it will dry with a hard finish to resist moisture for long-term durability in an outdoor setting.

As a final tip, if you’ve had your house professionally painted by a painting company, make sure to contact your painters before embarking on this DIY project. They should be able to provide you with a swatch of the paint color that was used on the exterior of your home so that you can better match the shade to your outdoor furniture.

Stain Wooden Patio Furniture for a Natural Finish

If painted wooden furniture isn’t what you’re looking for to complete your outdoor deck, a wood stain may be the next best thing. Staining wooden furniture can match the natural wood color to the materials used in your outdoor deck. A wood stain can also revive old, dull patio furniture that may have seen better days.

In order to properly stain outdoor furniture, the old stain needs to be sanded off first. This can be done with a medium grit sandpaper to remove varnish and finished with a finer grit sandpaper. After the old stain has been removed completely, you can start on the task of staining the furniture with the stain color of your choice.

With light wood furniture, it’s often an attractive option to stain darker to better match your deck materials and any wood siding on your home.

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