Must Have Deck Accessories

That new outdoor deck needs something. It’s already been stained or sealed. The rails are perfect. Steps leading up from the yard are sturdy, strong. Yet, as you peer-out the back sliding glass doors, something seems to be missing.

As anyone in the fashion industry would tell you, the deck lacks that sense of completeness. Because of a simple flat surface, their advice would be that it’s time to accessorize. A way to make the home addition seem more than just a place to stand and survey the territory.

Some Suggestions

Since your deck is an extension of your home, you want to make it, well, homey. We’ve got a few suggestions that will spruce things up without costing you an arm-and-a-leg

  • Places to sit, relax and enjoy a meal.
    Think about outdoor furniture. Not just any old semi-weather resistant stuff. Be wise and do it right. Take a look at these suggestions:

    • Ipe (EE-pay) outdoor dining sets
    • Ipe relaxing chairs, like an outdoor chaise
    • Ipe benches for when you throw a party
    • Ipe coffee and side tables
    • Ipe chairs

All of these functional pieces of furniture, because they’re made from nearly the hardest lumber on Earth will withstand anything that falls from the skies or from an accidentally dropped glass of your favorite beverage.

  • Deck lights and LED’s for the steps.
    Whether it’s a tasteful string of colored, low-watt, efficient outdoor lights or an all weather lamp, you’ve made your outdoor paradise into a peaceful evening place. Likewise, by putting some illumination on the steps, you’ve just made a major safety improvement to your deck’s backyard entrance. For those who don’t want to go electric, think about candles that keep insects away. Or maybe a UL-approved outdoor lantern than you carry inside when it’s time to leave the Eden you’ve created on your deck.
  • A sturdy wrought iron or cedar trellis.
    These accents were made for vines and crawling plants. It’s also functional. If there’s something in your line-of-sight that’s quite an eyesore — problem solved. Think of it as a green screen shutting out rather unsightly stuff. Another advantage is that if you use the right types of plants, you’ll attract hummingbirds. While cedar is generally rot-resistant, rust-proofed iron will last without any fear of mold or mildew invading the scene.

  • A self-standing hammock.
    Who needs two carefully positioned trees to enjoy a nap on a blue sky day in a hammock? You can choose your own fabric to coordinate the mood you’ve already set with that fine ipe furniture.
  • Water features and wind chimes.
    When you want to relax and not listen to the game on the radio, wind chimes are perfect to add ambiance as you lay back and read a juicy novel. Same goes for water features. The sounds from both of these accessories are soothing. With water features, you’ll also attract butterflies and the like. Isn’t that why you built the deck to begin with — to get a little nature into your life?

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