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Pool Deck

Thursday, August 15th, 2013

Thinking about building a pool deck? Pool decks add the right look and feel for your in-ground or above ground pool. Concrete is so bland and generic. Wood trim or a full deck around your pool will add beauty, ambiance and uniqueness to your backyard. A pool deck surrounding your above ground pool will add a necessary point of access into the water and a nice area to BBQ, lay out under the sun or socialize. There are many options of how to build pool decks and several materials to choose from. We recommend searching online for ideas and working with a contractor to design your  unique pool deck.

When deciding on materials to use there are several questions to answer. How long do I want my pool deck to last? How safe does it need to be? What looks the best? How much will it cost? Most want the pool deck to last as long as possible. Most want a beautiful pool deck. Most want a deck safe for bare feet and unlikely to warp and twist. Everyone wants to save money. Luckily, the answer to all of these questions can be found by using several species of wood.

Before getting to those species, we should first point out perhaps the least adequate species, Pine. Pine has a very short life expectancy and tends to warp, twist and split under the sun and in wet conditions. Though Pine is inexpensive, it is costly in the long run due to the need for frequent repair and replacement of boards.

So what wood should you use? There are several good choices, all of which are Hardwoods. Hardwoods provide a much longer life expectancy than softwoods like pine and have much lower maintenance and extended life expectancies. Four species in particular have grown in popularity and provide the highest level of safety, beauty, longevity and overall cost effectiveness. The first and best of the four species is Ipe. The second is Cumaru. The third is Tigerwood and the fourth is Garapa. All four species are extremely dense, impervious to rot, water and sun damage, splintering and insects.  Ipe, Cumaru, Garapa and Tigerwood have different colors that appeal to varying tastes.  Each has a tight grain pattern which means that they will not tend to splinter, twist or warp.  The right pool deck can be the highlight of your backyard and the centerpiece of attraction. Learn more about Ipe, Cumaru, Tigerwood, and Garapa by exploring Everlasting Hardwoods. We urge you to research these species to learn how you can benefit from choosing them. Good Luck!



ipe pool railing

Ipe Pool Railing

ipe wood pool railing

Ipe Pool Railing. This pool would look gorgeous with complimentary Ipe Pool Decking!

A Fantastic article with pictures about Ipe outlasting Pine in harsh conditions is available here: