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Everlasting Hardwoods :: Accessories :: EB-TY Hidden Fastener System

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EB-TY Hidden Fastener System
EB-TY Hidden biscuit fastener is available for:

3/4", 1" and 1-1/2" thick deck boards working well with all species of wood dekcing

Price: $113.00

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The EB-TY provides a unique method of fastening deck boards that makes the fasteners virtually invisible. Fastening is done into the side of the board, leaving a fastener-free deck surface.

The EB-TY is a polypropylene biscuit fastener that fits into a slot the builder cuts into the edge of the deck boards with a standard biscuit joiner or pre-grooved decking. The EB-TY fasteners are inserted and fastened with a screw driven into the joist. Nesting each successive board against the EB-TY automatically ensures consistent spacing and uniform height

Each Box Contains:
175 Biscuit fasteners
175 Stainless screws
12 plugs
1 driver bit