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Ipe Reeded and Grooved Boat Dock Decking

Ipe Reeded and Grooved Boat Dock Decking
This distinctively designed Ipe deck board works extremely well on floating docks and walks leading to them. As the water level rises and falls, the incline up or down can create a traction problem.
With the anit skid (bottom side as board is illustrated) in the up position, the reeded face prevents a slick face from occuring and will also allow for better grip to feet and shoes.
The grooved face provides nice aesthetics giving sleek lines to the beauty of Ipe. This makes the grooved (top face as illustratede above) side of this decking a great choice for the dock area. The grooves will help channel off water build up increasing traction.
Our reeded and grooved boat dock boats are available in two sizes:
1" x 8"  (soon to be changing to 1" x 7")
1" x 5-1/4"